Guide to submitting a challenge for the6thfloor

1. Define the challenge

Provide clear definition in the ‘Title’ area of what your challenge is.

2. Define the objective of the challenge

Clearly state objective of challenge and the solution you are seeking.

3. Incentive

State the added incentive you would like to offer those who submit the best approach on your challenge.

4. The terms

Specify the terms or rules you’d like anyone who chooses your challenge to work by.

5. Contact

Include your contact i.e your email address and your phone number

6. Determine the duration

Specify the duration you want the challenge to be completed.

7. Who can submit a challenge

Startups founders, techpreneurs, corporate organizations and individuals who are working on a social innovation project and would like a perspective from brilliant members of our community.

Once a challenge is submitted, it'll take about 2-5 working days to get notified if the challenge will be added to the6thfloor website.

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