What are Challenges?

Challenges are tasks. The difficulty level of the challenges will vary and points will be added. The successful completion of these tasks are of benefits to either CcHUB, a startup or the ecosystem.

How many times are individuals expected to commit to a challenge?

Individuals are expected to commit 2-4hrs a week on the challenge they’ve been chosen to work on. However they are required to complete the challenge within the specified timeline. The maximum timeline for a challenge is 2 weeks.

What happenes after I complete a challenge?

Access to the 6th floor is awarded depending on how many bounty points you won.

What are bounty points and how does it work?

Bounty points are rewards people earn for completing challenges. Access to the 6th floor depends on how many bounty points you have earned. 5 bounty points gives you 1 month access, while 15 bounty points gives you 1 quarter access (3 months)

How long does it take for applications for Fixed Membership take?

Once you complete the form, we’ll review and invite you for an INTERVIEW if you qualify for the space WITHIN 5 working days.