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We would like to appreciate the thousands of blood donors on our platform once their blood has been used which will in-turn inspire others to give blood voluntarily.

We regularly conduct blood drives to encourage our over 2600 donors to give blood every quarter. Right now we send a text message to each donor showing our appreciation. As we grow the database we would like to automate this system and connect it to our/their social profiles in order to encourage their networks to become blood donors. More importantly, we currently do not track blood donated at the point of use hence leaving the loop open. We will like to be able to uniquely mark blood donated to their donor and know when the donated blood is being used. This will help us thank the donors and show them that their blood is indeed saving lives.

This will go a long way in growing our community of donors and ensure we appreciate their support in a kind and loving way.


  • A wire frame of a process/solution that captures labels blood donated to each user, tracks the blood till its final destination and alerts the team so each donor can be appreciated for their act of kindness. We will then send an automated thank you note to each donor and encourage them to share via their social channels to encourage others.

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